Friday, January 1, 2010

Secret Missions of the LGE-3

The LGE-3 is a covert operations Army/Spy Club made up of:

Kanin Westerhold: Code Name "Laser"
Bio: "Laser" was an orphan on the street who slept on a rock until he finally joined the Army & became a spy at the age of 6.  Laser is the most daring of all the LGE-3, and also has a superpower: Invincibility.  Laser also hires himself out to the highest bidder, performing acts so outrageous & courageous that he has earned multiple awards from the President.

Aidan Tesdall: Code Name "Ghost"
Bio: "Ghost" followed in the footsteps of his father and joined the Army at the tender age of 7.  He is also the "techy" of the group, showing them how to use all the various spy equipment.  Aidan hired Laser for the sum of "One Hundred Million Zillion Bucks" to help locate & eliminate his enemies.

Alison Tesdall: Code Name "Eagle"
Bio: "Eagle" was born a rich kid, but was tired of being mistreated at home.  So, she ran away & joined the Army, then specialized in Spy training.  Eagle is the leader (bossiest) of the LGE-3 and helps keep both Laser & Ghost in line when their attention strays from their missions.

Together, they are sent out on top secret missions by the United States Government.  So top secret, in fact, that they won't even give me any details of those missions.

The LGE-3
Left to Right:  "Eagle", "Ghost" & "Laser"


Team Tezzy said...

testing 1 2 3

Debbi said...

This is soooo cute. Looks like they are having a lot of fun together.

Team Tezzy said...

They definitely had fun! They made up their codenames & life stories, too. It was so cute & funny!