Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 - The Year In Pictures

One of my very favorite things to do is log onto each Friday & look at "The Week In Pictures" from around the world.  The last Friday of December, they do a recap of the year & call it... you guessed it:  "The Year In Pictures".  Rather than write a long blog detailing what I did this year, I thought I would make my own "Year In Pictures".  So.... Enjoy, and hope you have a fabulous 2010!

Ringing in 2009 with friends!  (Erin, me, Michelle)

Jan 2009 - Alison as "Carol", the main character, in "A Christmas Carol"

Feb 2009 - Alison as a munchkin in "The Wizard Of Oz"

March 2009 - Dad, Aidan & Alison at the Harlem Globetrotteres game

March 2009 - Future WNBA star

March 2009 - Erin & I in Nashville, TN for the New Kids On The Block concert

April 2009 - Alison's First Road Trip/Concert, to New Kids On The Block in Champaign, IL

April 2009 - Easter Egg Hunt (L to R: GracieAnn, Ben, Aidan, Kanin & Alison)

May 2009 - Alison & Aidan meet cousin Jack

June 2009 - Me at Busch Stadium with an Albert Pujols homerun ball (it was a GREAT birthday present!)

June 2009 - Aimee, Kanin, Alison & Aidan at Grant's Farm

June 2009 - Aidan plays T-ball

June 2009 - Birthday Tattoo!

June 2009 - New ink for Jeff, too!

June 2005 - Jeff & I at the Southernmost Point in the Continental USA, Key West, FL

June 2009 - Jeff & I at Mallory Square in Key West, FL

July 2009 - Alison & I at her 2nd (my 3rd) NKOTB concert of the year

July 2009 - Alison & I with other volunteers meeting Joey McIntyre, for the Let's Get This Foundation charity book drive, before the NKOTB concert.

July 3, 2009 - Welcome baby Caleb!

July 5, 2009 - Happy 2nd Birthday, GracieAnn!

July 2009 - Good times with good friends!  (Susan & I at the No Doubt concert)
July 2009 - Alison & Aidan at Lake of the Ozarks, MO

July 2009 - Alison earns her 1st degree black belt in taekwondo

July 2009 - Jeff & I at the Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd concert

August 2009 - Too Cool for School!  (1st day of school- Aidan in 1st grade, Alison in 4th)

August 2009 - Alison's 10th birthday party sleepover

August 2009 - family trip to the STL zoo

September 2009 - Aidan earns his 1st degree black belt in taekwondo!

October 2009 - proud Cub Scout Aidan

October 31, 2009 - Ready to Trick-or-Treat!
(Me-80s girl, April-Devil's Wife, Aidan-Boba Fett, Kanin-Snake Eyes, GracieAnn-Minnie Mouse, Alison-vampire fairy, Caleb-monkey)

November 2009 - Happy 6th Birthday, Kanin!

December 2009 - Aidan opening presents at his birthday party.  Happy 7th Birthday, Aidan!

December 2009 - Aidan loses his 1st tooth!

December 2009 - Christmas at Mom & Dad's (Caleb, Alison, Aidan, GracieAnn & Kanin)

Happy 2010!

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This is super cute! I may try to do it, too!!