Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reclaiming My Basement, A Little At A Time....

I have been complaining for probably the last 3 or 4 years that our basement is nothing but a place to pile junk.  Boxes upon boxes of baby clothes, old toys (most with lost or broken pieces), ratty old furniture, 2 tv's and thousands of dust bunnies.  Well I finally I decided that enough is enough!  A big step for me, since when it comes to this sort of thing, I tend to be all talk & no action.

Since our basement consists of one large room, a small laundry room, a small workroom, and a TINY bathroom, I decided that the bathroom would be the easiest to start with because of it's size.  It's the easiest to clean & at least become functional.  As the kids get older, I know that we are definitely going to be needing another bathroom in this house!

I started by giving everything a good scrubbing so that it could actually be used (except for the shower, which needs one of those shower/tub kits that fit over the existing shower/wall/tub).  Besides the shower, I decided that the bathroom definitely needs a new toilet (even now that it's clean, the one we have is really stained & just looks gross) and a new sink & countertop combo.  None of which are needed immediately to be able to use the bathroom; they are just old & could use replacing.  Other than that, it needs a fresh coat of paint, a new shower curtain & window curtains, trash can & small accessories.

Here are some "before" pictures.  I'll post the "after" pics when it's finished.

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April Westerhold said...

Can't wait to see some after pics. This should create a lot of room for you guys! Wonder if Ali will ever want to move her room down there?