Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Alison's Complicated Life"

So, I was cleaning Alison's room the other day & stumbled upon a book.  One of those black & white composition books that had been taped & drawn over to read "Alison's Complicated Life", then below that, "Best Book Ever!".  I was immediately curious, but didn't want to invade her privacy so I asked her if I could read it.  She agreed, and after a little coaxing, she then agreed to let me post the contents on here.  To keep it as authentic as possible, I will leave all spelling, punctuation & grammatical errors as they are.  It's cuter that way, anyway.  :)


"OK, in case your wondering this is a journal.  And I'm going to tell you all about my life.  like....

Theres this test called the m.a.p. test and if I don't pass I won't go to middle school.

I can't take elementary school anymore, theres to many werdo's and WAY to many nerds."

(insert hand-drawn picture of "nerd" here at a desk)


"What I wrote in this for was because I'll defenetily be famous one day, but for now I have more important things to wory about, like....

GOSSIP.  My freind told me about it but, I was too busy day dreaming to listen.

Remember how I said I'll be famous, well hears what my house will look like..." 

(hand drawn picture of house on Page Three that includes a hot tub, skatepark, bedroom, basketball hoop, basketball court, and an arcade)


"I don't think anyone could have a perfect home like that!

anyway, Today was the worst day of school EVER because, Mr. Johnston, my music teacher told us we have to memorize three songs by Monday.

(insert hand-drawn picture of a girl with talk bubble saying, la la la la... WHAT?)

First of all I'm not even trying to memorize them.  because I don't really care."


"I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I hate school.

The only things I like is that we get recess & freinds.  All the rest I hate!

My life is just so complicated!!" (sad face)

That's all she's written so far.  I can't wait for the next installment!  :)


Debbi said...

you need to keep up with that book and not let it get away. When she is grown you will cherish it more than you do now. Sooooo Cute!!!

AimeeMarie said...

LMAO. That's awesome.